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March 1969 - November 1970

Rung Sat Special Zone (RSSZ) Advisory Team Plaque

Advisory team house in Nha Be

Advisors' Team House on Vietnamese base, Nha Be 1969

LT Scearce's office

Conex Box Jail for NVA/VC captured in the RSSZ

Lt George E. Scearce, USN and Dai Uy Nguyen Trong Dan at Nha Be in 1969

Navy Lt Dan, RSSZ Intel Officer. He was KIA on an Operation with Capt Bill Cowan in November 1970

Trung Si Nhut Bao, RSSZ Intel Squad chief and dud US bomb that VC recovered and were intending to salvage. See effects on the vegetation of Agent Orange that was sprayed twice in Rung Sat in 69-70

TS1 Bao and 1Lt D.W. James (call sign: Hartford Two Zulu) on bomb destuction Op.

Mud...plenty of it during boat insertions/extractions in RSSZ

Lt Scearce, Intel Advisor RSSZ, with USN SEALS on Op in 69/70

CWO Ed Malpass, USA 525 MI GP, on USN SEAL Op in 69/70

USN SEAL standing guard on RSSZ Operation

Lt Tommy Hawkins, SEAL Plt Commander in RSSZ 69/70

On Op in RSSZ with Capt Chris Riner, USMC in 69/70

Capt Chris Riner, USMC on Op. PO3 Homyak on right.

In the RSSZ

Trudging through the RSSZ brush

Rest break on RSSZ Op

WO Deady, USA a "Slick" pilot who supported me for many VR's in the RSSZ

Lt Scearce, call sign "Hartford Two"

View of RSSZ out of a Huey

Award ceremony for Lts Scearce and James in LtCol's Be's office. LTC Luong van Be was RSSZ Deputy Commander

VN Marine 105 Battery in Thanh Ton Hiep, RSSZ

ASPB USN Assault Patrol Boat in Rung Sat

Kit Carson Scout, Mr Sinh and SSgt Black, USMC in RSSZ base camp

Far right is VC captured during a cordon and search of Binh Khanh village

ISC Johnson updating the RSSZ Intel map

Lt Scearce on cordon and search in RSSZ 1969

Not much luck getting this ASPB off the mud after the tide went out.

Sunrise in the Rung Sat Special Zone

RSSZ Intel Squad boarding boats for a night Operation in the RSSZ

RSSZ jungle

Typical house in the RSSZ

SEAL Op in RSSZ in 1970

LT Scearce resting on an operation in the RSSZ

Capt Bill Cowan with a couple bass we caught with "DuPont" lures.

Navy CPO boat captain with a catch.

Nice mess of fish caught with "DuPont" lures

Capt Riner (middle) PO3 Homyak (left) on RSSZ Op

PRU and Police Special Branch on cordon and search in RSSZ

More PRU and PSB on cordon and search


Kids in RSSZ fishing village

The Rung Sat Rats, Left to Right: Cdr George Scearce, USN Ret., LtCol D.W. James, USMC Ret, and LtCol William V. (Bill) Cowan, USMC Ret

Call signs: Hartford Two, Hartford Two Zulu, and Plastic Handle Six. In an Arlington, Va get together at the Rio Grande Cafe in 2002